Love the ‘land

Sometimes people ask me why I like Disneyland so much? What makes it so special? Why do I keep going back?

As you enter the park, you must pass under a tunnel that supports the train track. Above the tunnel is a sign that reads:

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.

And that sums it up for me. Even if I have spent most of the day standing on my feet at the convention center across the street, or fighting the stressful traffic at the end of a 564 mile car ride, I feel an energy and renewal wash over me as I approach the land. When you walk through that tunnel, you emerge on a typical 1900 era Main Street scene like you could imagine happened in any small town at the time. Go a little further, and you see a fairy-tale castle, inviting you to come further and explore. Along the way, you can detour into the jungles of another continent, ride herd through the frontiers of America, or blast off in the exciting world of space and technology. Or head through the castle and end up in a place that could otherwise only be found within the imagination of a child.

I distinctly remember being there for my first visit, which was as a grown adult. Somewhere in the middle of our multi-day trip, I found myself so lost in the experience that I stopped, and thought to myself, “I know I have a job somewhere, but where?” I had to think hard for a couple of minutes before I could pull reality back enough to remember my employer’s name. It was a tranquil experience where I found I had let go completely of my cares, and I liked it.

I like the feeling every time I go. I love the immersive theming, the impressive entertainment, and the inviting ambiance.

I agree with their saying, “love the land”.

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