California (Hearts) Iowa

The Goven-a-tor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, made a speech proclaiming that no one wants to take a vacation in Iowa.

Being the governor, his job is to promote his state. And from the financial news reports I’ve been hearing lately, his state could use some promoting.

Said Arr-nold, “There’s no one screaming like, ‘I can’t wait to get to Iowa.’ That I can guarantee you. They want to come here to California.”

All three residents of Iowa were outraged when they heard the news. “Why, who does’n he a be think’n heis?” said one. The Associated Press declined to provide a better translation.

One of the Iowa residents determined to call their own Hawkeye State governor, upon which it was discovered that they had plum forgot to elect one since 1984. The resident, still infuriated over California’s accusation, located a pen and paper and began writing a letter to the California governor. The Iowa citizen could not finish the letter, however, because he was unaware how to correctly spell “Schwarzenegger.”

In an apparent change of heart, Arnold apologized the next day, wearing to the press conference a baseball cap that read “California (Heart) Iowa.”

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