Go Green!

I am pleased to pass along this important information… everyone in America now has a convenient way to recycle the used cardboard tube left over after you finish up your roll of toilet tissue.

The “Welcoming Individual Persons of Environmental Designs” organization is pleased to announce their 2010 project, the “Outreach Under Tissue” recycling campaign!

They will accept your donation in the following way… Simply write their collection address directly on the roll, and drop it in any United States Postal Service collection box. Your roll will be sent to recycling headquarters, where they will even pick up the postage for you!

Once again, be sure to print clearly and legibly their address on your roll, and mail it in.

W.I.P.E.D.  O.U.T.
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20500-0003

It is a fabulous opportunity for every citizen to get involved and show your spirit, while supporting such a fine cause.

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