Customer Disservice Award Winner

Today, we are please to present the Customer Disservice Award to Bryant, an expressionless young male cashier sporting a gaudy large black earring at the Springville Utah Walmart store. Bryant made a significant contribution this evening to keeping the checkout lines long and deep.

Throughout the stressful job of fumbling through the products to locate the very technical and complex computer bar codes, Bryant managed to avoid sharing any words of greeting or thank you to his customers – showing off the tremendously difficult and increasingly commonplace skill of indifference.

Bryant had a special opportunity to demonstrate his apathy when one of our intended purchases scanned at the incorrect price. When Glorajean pointed out the error, which was on a product that had the correct price clearly printed above the universal product code that he had just scanned, Bryant took great pains to locate the item and void it from the bill of sale rather than correct the price, thus saving the entire Walmart organization the embarrassment of actually heeding their slogan “Always the Right Price. Always.”

Such lackadaisical enthusiasm deserves recognition from all levels – from the pesky customers all the way to the top management. May we be the first to offer our congratulations to Bryant, our customer disservice award winner of the day.

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