Little Miracles

My car wouldn’t start the other night.

It was a bad feeling to have the family out late on a Sunday night, and to be about 14 miles away from home. it was a cold night. it was past our little girl’s bedtime. Past my bedtime too.

When the car was not starting, I was surprised. As a helpless feeling swept over me, I tried to listen for a clue, and figure out the problem. Our little one however perceived that the car was not working and began crying. Now I could not concentrate, nor hear. She later explained that her young mind had reasoned that we would have to walk home and she knew that it was a long way to walk in the cold.

Since we were just outside the home of a relative, Glorajean took her inside while I continued to puzzle over the car. There was plenty of power, but it just wouldn’t “click” or turn over. I noticed that the key seemed to be turning further than expected, and when I turned it back and forth, it moved with unusual freedom. I suspected it was in the ignition switch, but didn’t know for sure.

Anyway, to make a short story long, another relative drove us home (a mini-miracle). We had the car towed to a garage the next morning (another mini-miracle that we had the towing insurance on our policy, so that was covered). The mechanic spent very little time fixing the problem, and it cost about $50 in the end (another mini-miracle, as we had braced ourselves for a major repair).

And so on Tuesday following the episode, we drove back to Max’s Car Repair – a small shop in Mapleton Utah where the family generally goes because Max is an honest and trustworthy mechanic (mini-miracle: it is hard to find an honest and trustworthy mechanic) – and picked up the car. It was evening, and in Mapleton, there are not many city lights. In fact, it is largely farm country. So as we stopped the car, we all got out, and looked up at the night sky, which was full of easy-to-see stars (a mini-miracle to us city-folk).

All of these mini-miracles might have gone completely unnoticed, if I had not experienced a mini-trial to bring them to my attention.

I thank God for mini-miracles.

Max’s Car Repair
1276 N 1600 W
Mapleton, UT 84664
(801) 489-5873

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  1. You should move to Tremonton . . . there’s lots of stars here. Not sure about the mechanics though. Isn’t it crazy how it takes a trial to make you realize how blessed we really are?


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