Stop the Presses

This little tid-bit made me smile: When Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama carried one town in Tooele County, it was such incredible news that the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin’s headline trumpeted, “Obama takes Ophir.” Click here for the article in the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin Quoted from Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Tribune. Click here for his column.

Change you can enjoy

Wondering what to do with that “change” that President-Elect Obama is promising us? I’ve found an excellent place to spend it. Go to the Provo Movies 8 (2424 N University Pkwy, Provo UT). Walk in the entrance, and make a right turn into the arcade. Next, plug a quarter into the Ms. Pac-Man game. Now, … Read more

One Day as President

With the election coming up, I was thinking on a piece of trivia I once heard, that David Rice Atchison (1807-1886) served as President of the United States for a total of one entire day, from noon on March 4, 1849 until noon on March 5, 1849. It must be true, because it says so … Read more

The Scary Topic

Fall is in the air. With global warming and the later daylight-savings time, it doesn’t feel like it. But the people in charge tell me that fall is indeed in the air. And coming around the corner is that very scary season. You know, the one where we all hide behind a curtain and tremble … Read more