December 2001 Christmas Greetings

Dear Family and Friends,

What an incredible year this has been! Back on a typical, ordinary Wednesday morning, November 29, 2000, we met for the first time. Neither of us woke up that day with any inkling that there would be a life changing introduction made that day (Ryan didn’t even shave that morning). We are, however, forever grateful that we went to the Institute building that day.

Our courtship began, by e-mail, and eventually our first date – a stroll through Temple Square at Christmastime. Our time spent together was always quality time, no matter if we were at our favorite Burger King restaurant or cuddled close together watching a Disney movie. One Saturday, we took a day long trip to Saint George and back, and one week, Glorajean smuggled Ryan along in her suitcase on her Latter-day Celebration choir tour (to Missouri, Kansas, Iowa (Ryan’s Missionary Stomping Grounds), and – ah, Nauvoo, Illinois!). Those gave us great opportunities to get to know each other better. But wether a week or an hour, our time together always passed by far too quickly.

Sometime during our dating, Glorajean mentioned to Ryan that if he decided to marry her, she wanted to be romantically surprised when the question was asked. According to those instructions, Ryan rallied his resources, and with the help of some accomplices from Glorajean’s family, was able to pull off the most creative and perfect of proposals! A carefully placed bubble-gum dispenser caught Glorajean’s eye, and Ryan happened to have a quarter that she could borrow.

The next three months of engagement flew by. The wedding plans were crafted, and with the help of family members they all came together just right! During that time, a week came when a previously scheduled vacation to Disneyland for Glorajean separated the engaged couple, which parting made the heart grow fonder.

Our wedding day – Friday, July 27, 2001 – was picture perfect. The sun shone brightly at the Provo Temple, and the only clouds in the sky were the pretty white fluffy, non-threatening ones. Glorajean looked as beautiful as a fairytale princess. The luncheon was sumptuous, and the garden reception at the Faux’s home was incredible!

We soon settled into our home in Spanish Fork. We found that in our congregation at church were Glorajean’s uncle Don, a former Young Women’s leader, and a sister from her mission. We were soon given the assignment to teach the CTR 6B class (the group of young people five-years-old turning six-years-old).

Ryan is working at LS Micro and being an incredible husband and support. Glorajean changed jobs recently from working at Business Systems Group and Provo Craft Warehouse and is now working for a CPA firm called Hawkins, Cloward, and Simister.


Ryan and Glorajean

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