Book Review

I’s just finished up a new book by Huck Finn. Now yous might think it hard to read when ol’ Huck ain’t been learned how to write good, but you just start to read’en a few pages and the whole style sort a grows on ya. The book is called “Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer Among The Indians,” written by Mark Twain (the first 62 pages in 1885) and Lee Nelson (page 62 to 277, written sometimes around 2002). Of course our favorite characters, Huck, Tom, and Jim are there, as they make their journey into the west to see some real Indians. Like the back of the book says, they learn “the hard way the book Injuns and real Injuns ain’t the same.” They also meet the US Army, going to war with the Mormons, and then meet some real Mormons, who don’t act quite at all like the Army said they do. It is a great book – though ‘tether or not Mr. Twain would a gave it his o.k. at the end’in, ain’t no matter now, as he ain’t around to say nuthin. There are some fantastic “inside jokes” for Church members, especially when Huck explains why he doesn’t approve of Tom studying the “Mormon Bible” he was given. I do caution anyone picking it up, and without trying to give much away, that I was surprised by the amount of sexual/abuse references made in the story. They are done as tastefully as possible, but they are plentiful. Like co-author Lee Nelson speculates, how to handle this aspect of the story might have been one of the reasons Mark Twain put it aside and ultimately never finished it. Anyway, I recommend it as a great book for mature Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer fans! And I’ll just say I was to about 20 pages past when I noticed that I was into the other author’s part of the book.

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