Hold the Tomatoes

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Food and Drug Administration, and all the fast-food places, for pulling tomatoes from the market. I am one who does not enjoy eating tomatoes. I think it is a texture thing, because I do like ketchup and salsa. Except when the salsa has thick tomato chunks, then I don’t like those.
Trouble is, when I order at a fast food place, I always forget to ask for “no tomato.” And so I end up opening my sandwich and pulling them off of my order.
But since everyone has become afraid of tomatoes and stopped serving them, I have not had to worry. I forgot to mention to the folks at Burger King that I wanted no tomato, and I didn’t get any! Taco Bell made me up a fantastic soft taco, and there was not a tomato chuck anywhere inside of it.
So I see this whole “no tomato” business as a positive trend. But I have a feeling it will be for a “limited time only” and then back to normal soon. I’ll enjoy the promotion while it lasts!

1 thought on “Hold the Tomatoes”

  1. Yeah, I wouldn’t get too comfortable. Maybe you should take this time to practice ordering without tomatoes so you’ll be ready when they make a comeback. Besides, it would be fun to see the looks you get when you ask . . .


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