Reset your Disney Electronic Melody Maker game to “Demo” mode

Once upon a time, I was given an extra copy of the Disney Wonderful World of Music Electronic Melody Maker game. With this extra copy, an ingenious family member helped us to rewire our doorbell into the demo button, so that every time the doorbell is pushed, a different Disney song plays.

The problem we faced came the first time we changed the batteries. The game came back in normal play mode. We needed it to be in “demo” mode to work for us.

I am probably the only person who needs to know this information, but this post will teach you how to reset your game to “Demo” mode.

  1. Turn the unit off (there is a switch on the back).
  2. While holding down the “Sound” button (on the front), turn the unit on (again, using the switch on the back)

I tried to come up with a third step, because these kind of steps usually sound better in threes. All I’ve got is:

3. Don’t fall off of the ladder (only applicable if your game is hanging high on the wall as ours is).

P.S. My smart family member friend would advise you to check the voltage running through your doorbell wires before trying this at home. He did something electrical to make sure we didn’t hurt ourselves, our game, or our home before wiring it the way he did. We advise you to check with someone smart too before duplicating this!

Image of Disney The Wonderful World of Music Electronic Melody Maker Game in box.
Disney The Wonderful World of Music Electronic Melody Maker Game

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