My customer service story

Party Land
39 West Ctr
Orem, UT 84058

To the Owners of Party Land in Orem,

I want to tell you about the exceptional service I received today, July 23, 2016!

I came to your Orem location and purchased a large Disney Mylar balloon for $9, along with a balloon bouquet for my mother’s 75th birthday. The balloons were inflated and placed in a large plastic bag for easy transport.

I took them to Provo for the party. When I removed the bag, I discovered that the Mylar balloon was deflated.

Following the party, at about 6:30pm I brought the balloon back to your store to ask what could be done. I was very curtly told that if the balloon had deflated in the parking lot, they could do something for me. Since it did not, there was nothing they could do. I reminded your employee that I had paid $9 for a balloon which was either defective or improperly tied off, but your employee did not care or express the least hint of compassion or empathy. Even if there had been signs of the problem in the parking lot, I would not have known it because the balloons were in a balloon bag.

Frustrated and upset, I left your store and went to Dollar Tree, which is located about 0.9 miles away at 501 N State St in Orem. I purchased a few of their Disney Mylar balloons, as replacements for the deflated Party Land balloon, and as the employee was filling them, I explained to her what had happened. I asked if I could pay them to inflate your balloon? The Dollar Tree employee cheerfully said she would be happy to do it for me at no charge.

I went back to my car and brought the balloon inside. She inflated the balloon, and pointed out a noise of leaking air. She took her time to inspect the balloon and identify the source, which was a small tear on a seam. She attempted to repair the balloon with tape, and then inflated it again a second time. It seemed to be holding better. She then taught me how I could manually inflate the balloon by blowing into a tube. Of course this would not allow the balloon to float, but would allow me to inflate balloons in the future for display after the helium has escaped.

After the rudeness and ingratitude I was shown at Party Land, I was wowed by the time, attention, and effort that your competitor showed in taking care of me!

When I have the opportunity to recommend a place to purchase balloons to my friends and family, I will not hesitate to tell them of the exceptional service I received at Dollar Tree! If you have dissatisfied customers in the future, you may also choose to direct them there too, as they know how to make a satisfied customer!

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