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  1. My customer service story

    July 23, 2016 by Glorajean

    Party Land
    39 West Ctr
    Orem, UT 84058

    To the Owners of Party Land in Orem,

    I want to tell you about the exceptional service I received today, July 23, 2016!

    I came to your Orem location and purchased a large Disney Mylar balloon for $9, along with a balloon bouquet for my mother’s 75th birthday. The balloons were inflated and placed in a large plastic bag for easy transport.

    I took them to Provo for the party. When I removed the bag, I discovered that the Mylar balloon was deflated.

    Following the party, at about 6:30pm I brought the balloon back to your store to ask what could be done. I was very curtly told that if the balloon had deflated in the parking lot, they could do something for me. Since it did not, there was nothing they could do. I reminded your employee that I had paid $9 for a balloon which was either defective or improperly tied off, but your employee did not care or express the least hint of compassion or empathy. Even if there had been signs of the problem in the parking lot, I would not have known it because the balloons were in a balloon bag.

    Frustrated and upset, I left your store and went to Dollar Tree, which is located about 0.9 miles away at 501 N State St in Orem. I purchased a few of their Disney Mylar balloons, as replacements for the deflated Party Land balloon, and as the employee was filling them, I explained to her what had happened. I asked if I could pay them to inflate your balloon? The Dollar Tree employee cheerfully said she would be happy to do it for me at no charge.

    I went back to my car and brought the balloon inside. She inflated the balloon, and pointed out a noise of leaking air. She took her time to inspect the balloon and identify the source, which was a small tear on a seam. She attempted to repair the balloon with tape, and then inflated it again a second time. It seemed to be holding better. She then taught me how I could manually inflate the balloon by blowing into a tube. Of course this would not allow the balloon to float, but would allow me to inflate balloons in the future for display after the helium has escaped.

    After the rudeness and ingratitude I was shown at Party Land, I was wowed by the time, attention, and effort that your competitor showed in taking care of me!

    When I have the opportunity to recommend a place to purchase balloons to my friends and family, I will not hesitate to tell them of the exceptional service I received at Dollar Tree! If you have dissatisfied customers in the future, you may also choose to direct them there too, as they know how to make a satisfied customer!

  2. Sneak Peek Entry

    July 9, 2010 by Glorajean

    (written and submitted by my sweetie)

    —– Forwarded Message —-
    Sent: Fri, July 2, 2010 7:42:19 PM
    Subject: Sneak Peek Entry

    Dear Provo Craft,
    I am writing to implore you to please NOT choose my wife, Glorajean, as the winner of your contest.

    You see, my wife and I live in a moderate-sized home. She keeps her scrapbooking supplies in our bedroom, and ‘scraps’ late into the night while I try to fall asleep nearby.

    The problem, as I hope you’ll understand, is that there really is not any more room for another “Next Big Thing.” Oftentimes, her project space spills over onto the bed and floor, making me dance carefully around the room to reach my clothes dresser without disrupting her work.

    Over time, I’ve become accustomed to falling asleep to the chirping of her Cricuts. The glow of the Gypsy has become a nightlight that I’ve adjusted to. But I am afraid that if we have one more “Next Big Thing” to try to fit into that room, I might be evicted from the space and have to setup a sleeping bag in the front room in order to accommodate it.

    Please understand that I love my wife dearly, and she is my entire world and more to me. I would never begrudge her hobby, or seek to withhold from her the happiness she finds in it. But just this one time, I hope you will not call Glorajean and let her know that she is a winner of your newest machine.

    A Scrapbooker’s Husband

  3. Protected: Birthday Fun!!!

    May 7, 2010 by Glorajean

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  4. Protected: First Field Trip

    May 7, 2010 by Glorajean

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  5. What to do for a 50th Anniversary?

    February 17, 2009 by Glorajean

    I need ideas. My parents are going to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in just a few months. We should probably have thought of this sooner. I’m not sure what most people do, but it is a great occasion and we should probably do something. How do you celebrate such an event?

    Going to Disneyland is already covered – they have a trip planned a couple weeks after the actual date. But for the real date, for extended family and friends to say congratulations, what should we do?

    Dinner at a restaurant (an all-you-can-eat buffet like Golden Corral)?

    A reception at the local church house?

    They won’t read this website, so go ahead and leave ideas in the comments!

  6. Flying to the State of “Shock”

    May 16, 2008 by Glorajean

    Amid the exhaustion and excitement of getting up at 3:00 in the morning to fly out to Disneyland – one of my favorite places and the Happiest Place on Earth- I was ill unprepared for what was about to happen. We arrived at the airport at 4:30 for a 6:30 flight and found that no one shows up to work until 5:00. We, along with a handful of other early birds in the queue, waited patiently for the airline attendants to show up and get us one step closer to our destination. It was finally our turn – what excitement filled the air – we were on our way! It was our family’s turn at the ticket counter; the computer had just finished printing our boarding passes as the attendant behind the desk (we will call her Madame X) casually mentioned that she would need to see my ID. No problem, I had already triple checked to make sure I had it with me. I handed it over. What ensued sent my head spinning. Madame X proceeded to ask me, “Do you have a form of identification that hasn’t expired?” Expired! What in the world was she talking about! I gave her a look of complete shock and disbelief. She then showed me my driver’s license, it had expired only 3 days earlier. No, I wasn’t flying to the State of California, I had already landed in the State of Shock. A zillion thoughts were jumping around in my head all at the same time. I was an absolute mess. Madame X asked me to hand over my boarding pass – “uh oh,” I thought, “I’m not going to Disneyland, she is taking my boarding pass away.” A small sigh of relief comes when Madame X hands me over a new boarding pass. I asked her what I should do about the situation. Madame X replies, “Go to you local drivers license division and renew.” Well, duh I was vividly aware of that fact, at least now that I realized it had expired!!! So, I decided to clarify, “No, I mean how will I be able to fly back from California without a valid ID?” Madame X says, “We get dozens of expirations every day, you just have to go through extra security, but they will still let you fly.” Goodbye, Madame X. Hello, Mr. Security Guard. Mr. Security Guard says, “Miss, you have been selected for a high security check. Please remove your shoes, watch, and belt and place them in this special red bin, along with your bag.” He asked what was in my carry on bag and I told him clothes, snacks, digital camera and video camera. He asked me to remove the video camera and to set it in the red bin separately. He then directed me to a puffer machine. Now, have you ever taken an expedition on the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland? Well, if you have you will be able to relate with this experience. Do you remember how it feels as you are driving along and the ancient skeleton warriors are shooting arrows past your head with sharp gusts of air? Well that is what the puffer machine is, except the arrows (gusts of air) are shooting at you from every direction. After getting properly “puffed” a green light turns on indicating that you can leave the puffer machine. You are then escorted along with your belongings – which you are not allowed to touch and which have already gone through the x-ray machine- to another security guard. He then commences to swab and test every single inch of your belongs, this takes several different swabs and several minutes. Then finally, at least for me, the major sigh of relief when Security Guard #2 says, “Everything looks good, you’re on your way.” Whew, I made it!

    What have I learned from this experience? First, I can definitely testify of Salt Lake International Airport’s great security system; I am now intimately familiar with it. Second, If you are selected for high security try and make sure you don’t have any carry on items with you. Last of all, I will forewarn you that the Utah Driver’s License Division no longer mails out a reminder that your license is about to expire – so, if you have already had your “one time renewal by mail,” keep a close tab on your expiration date so that you don’t get sent to the bizarre yet interesting “State of Shock.”

  7. Fun Fact # 235

    January 19, 2008 by Ryan

    Fun Fact # 235: Why you might want to proof-read the message before you let your office’s computer tech use YOUR email address to to send out a message to the rest of the company (because they might think you wrote it yourself)…

    From: Glorajean Beardall
    Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2008 9:07 AM
    To: Everybody
    Subject: Please dont unplug Glorajeans network cable from her computer.

    Glorajean was trying to work from home last night and EARLY this morning and couldn’t log in to her computer here.  It seems that someone disconnected her computer (possibly to plug in a laptop ????) and didn’t plug it back in to her computer when they were done.

    Please don’t use Glorajeans network cable for laptops. Just because shes not in the office doesn’t mean shes not on the computer. We have other empty spots in the office that can be used for that sort of thing and if you don’t have a network cable ask Rodney, he’ll give you one to use.

    Fun Fact # 234! Glorajean does YOUR paychecks! If she cant work, YOU don’t get paid!

  8. Confirmed… The Judges are Crazy

    October 18, 2007 by Ryan

    Ryan’s Note: Glorajean entered a little contest over at where you put your scrapbooking and Cricut machine cutting skills to the test and make unique projects. Once a week, they pick a winner and award a prize – a Cricut cartridge. Astonishingly, her entry lost to this, uh, “winner” –

    Though I am a bit biased, I decided to post her should-have-been-a-winning entry on our own site for you to enjoy, since the judges over there apparently have no taste (and also no official rules for the contest, apparently – at least I can’t find them).

    Disney Games:

    Games - After

    Games - Before

    My daughter loves these games and has already spent a fair amount of time playing them over and over again. They work well as travel games and can keep little ones well occupied while traveling on long trips. I had the Minnie dress up game completed before out last trip to Disneyland and it helped keep my daughter happy during the long travel.

    Minnie Dress Up

    Minnie Dress Up

    I cut Minnie out at 5 ½”, I cut out all of her coordinating pieces at the 5 ½” setting. I cut out her hair bow, dress, and shoes in white so my 3-year-old would have an easy guideline for where to place the dress-up pieces. I then continued cutting out bows, dresses and shoes in just about every color and pattern imaginable. I cut out the Minnie bubble font at 1 ¼” as well as the words dress up at 1 ¼”. I then adhered Minnie wearing white and the words Minnie dress up to a piece of blue cardstock. I laminated the page for continuous use. I also laminated all of the bows, shoes and dresses and cut them out. With white Velcro attached, Minnie can be dressed up in an assortment of outfits, for hours of fun.

    Tic Tac Toe

    Playing TTT

    I cut out Mickey Icons for the pieces of this turn on a classic Tic Tac Toe game. I cut out 5 each of the Mickey hands in white & black layers at 2”, Mickey shorts in red, white and black layers at 2”, and Mickey head icons in yellow & black layers at 2”. I then cut out white rounded squares at 2 ½” from the George & Basic shapes cartridge to give me my basic grid. I cut out the tags at 1 ½” from the Mickey & Friends icon dog tag border (the border actually does 4 tags so I cut one off from each set). Then I cut the letters from the Mickey Font cartridge at 1 ¼” ( I cut them in the Mickey head icons and took the letters from each icon so I could get a small enough letter to fit inside the dog tags). I cut the letters out in red and yellow. Then I adhered the squares and title to a piece of black cardstock. I laminated the page and then I laminated all of the hands, shorts & head icons and cut them apart. Only two sets of icons are used at a time, I wanted the third set just to give a little more variety to the game. With white Velcro attached, this game works well at home or while traveling.

    Mickey Match

    Playing Match

    I cut out each of the character head shadows in white- from the Mickey font cartridge- (Mickey, Pluto, Donald & Daisy cut at 3”, Goofy at 4”, and Minnie at 3 ½”). Then I cut out all the appropriate pieces of each character at the same setting as above. I then adhered the pieces of each character together. I cut out white words Mickey Match in the silhouette feature at 1 ½ ”. I adhered the white shadows and words to a piece of paper and laminated the page. Then I laminated each of the characters that had been put together. Again with white Velcro attached the game is easily played just about anywhere. I store the pieces to each game in a zip up sandwich bag to keep them together.

  9. How We Met

    November 29, 2000 by Ryan

    Glorajean’s Story

    The Moment We First Met

    It started out as one of my normal Wednesday routines, early morning institute meetings and then some studying in the Institute lounge. This Wednesday I was particularly intent on getting some reading (that I was quite behind on) caught up. I wasn’t going to let anything distract me and was determined to keep focused on my reading. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that someone sat down in the chair next to me, but I kept reading. Then a few seconds later I saw a flash (from a camera I figured, but I didn’t think they were taking a picture directly of me and paid little heed to it). However, after the second flash (and I’m told it was actually the third flash) I knew something was going on, especially when I noticed that the person that had sat by me was snickering. I looked up at him and innocently asked, “Did someone just take my picture?” He then went to explain that it had been Brother Church and that he had been taking some pictures for a project he was working on and had asked him to sit next to “Gloria?… No,” he corrected himself, “I believe he said Glora.” I informed him he had heard right and was quite impressed that he’d remembered, it isn’t the easiest name to remember, especially the first time you hear it. I then asked what his name was and he paused for a minute, cracked a darling joke (I adore a good sense of humor), and then he told me his name was Ryan. We didn’t have much time to talk but the conversation was enjoyable. He also mentioned that he thought he knew what Brother Church was up to (I figured that he was probably right). I felt something different about Ryan, and in just the few moments we’d talked I felt like I’d learned a lot from him and about him… his spirituality, his sense of humor, his rugged good looks, and his overall aura impressed me. I was excited when he gave me a business card and casually mentioned- but mentioned twice- that I should e-mail him. I knew from that first encounter that he could easily become one of my nearest and dearest friends and I think deep inside I hoped that some day it might be more than that… it was a wonderful first impression… and with time the impression has only gotten better and better. I’m so very thankful that Brother Church “tricked” us into meeting each other!

    Ryan’s Recounting

    The Moment We First Met

    It was November 29th, 2000. I was visiting with Brother Church about something or another at the Orem Institute of Religion. It happened that this day we were visiting in the main office. He looked out the window toward the lobby, and casually interjected into the conversation the question, “Do you see that girl sitting right out there reading?” I looked to the direction he was looking, and to my viewpoint, there were two young ladies sitting ‘right out there reading.’ I made some comment asking if he was referring to the one dressed in yellow. This was apparently not the right person, and he resumed talking upon the topic we had been discussing previously.

    A few minutes later, our topic ended, he sparked with an idea. He asked me if I was familiar with an advertising project he was working on for the Institute. Even though I was, he explained to me that he was attempting to get photos of students around the institute doing different things, and wanted me to go and sit next to that girl out in the lobby. I was instructed to pick up an Ensign magazine and pose for the photo.

    Not suspecting anything, I did as I was told. I opened to a page, posed a bit for the camera, and observed Brother Church walk around the two of us, taking about three pictures. As the second picture was being snapped, it occurred to me that although there were other students in the lobby, he was only photographing the two of us. I was also surprised that the lady next to me had not so much as flinched when the camera flashed. The third photo was taken, which only the two of us as the subjects, and then it was confirmed in my mind what Brother Church was trying to do. He didn’t really want our photos for the ad… he wanted us to make an introduction. I began to laugh to myself under my breath. Brother Church flashed a satisfied smile as he walked around the corner and disappeared down a hallway.

    It was at this point that the beauty next to me stirred. She looked up at me, out of a daze, and asked, “Did somebody just take my picture?” I briefly explained to the stranger what had just happened, adding my conclusion that I think he wanted us to make an introduction.

    We exchanged names and began conversing. She explained that she had learned good study / concentration skills from living in a family with 7 other siblings. I told her about how Brother Church had tried in the past to “set me up,” but admitted that this was certainly the most subtle of any he had done up to that point. Our initial conversation probably lasted about 10 minutes, as I had a class to go off to. But it was a wonderful conversation, and there was something that immediately clicked there, unlike normal first encounters. I gave her my business card, and invited her to e-mail me if she would like. She said she would do so.

    I went to my class, and afterward I slipped into Brother Church’s office. He was not there, so I typed a note for him and left it on his computer screen. The note answered some of the topics he and I had talked about that morning, and casually asked him what he knew of this “Glora” girl that he had introduced me to that morning.

    I received later that day, two e-mails, at about the same time. One was from Brother Church, with a glowing report and testimony of her goodness, talents, and person; The other was a friendly greeting from Glorajean herself. And that was the story of our introduction.

    Brother Lewis Church’s Telling

    The Moment We First Met

    I was in the process of putting together a full color flyer to advertise the Institute. It was to include a cropped version of “Lost No More” a lovely painting of the Savior overseeing some lambs. I wanted to include some local reality photos of students in classrooms, students involved in a service project and students just lounging around and relaxing in the Institute building. I had a camera in my suit coat pocket as I sat at a secretary’s desk in the main Institute office. Ryan was in the office visiting generally with Sister Riley and with me. I looked out of the office window and saw Glorajean sitting in the lobby in one of two side-by-side chairs quietly reading. I said to Ryan, “See that cute girl with the long, dark, curly hair? Go sit in the chair next to her and I’ll take your picture for this flyer I’m working on.” Obediently Ryan, strode out to the lobby and sat in the vacant chair. I followed a minute or two later and knelt down about 3 or 4 feet away from Gj and took two flash pictures. Neither of you moved or blinked. I then got to my feet and walked into the main lounge and took some pictures of some more students.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to use the pictures of Ryan and Gj because she was looking down into her book in such a way that her hair blocked the view of her face. I had to use other photos for my flyer. Ryan told me a day or so later that after I took the pictures, Gj turned to him and said: “Did somebody just take our picture?” Ryan responded “Yes.” This brief question and briefer answer led to a conversation which included exchange of e-mail addresses and eventually long conversations, and eventually (I surmise) a kiss or two. Both Ryan and Gj dropped in at my office with some regularity with the excuse to see what I was doing, when in reality they wanted to see what each had told me about the other. I did my best to be a good messenger boy, and to fill in the blank spots with as much information and encouragement as I could dream up. It was all downhill from there. Ah! love! Ain’t it grand? And may they live happily ever after!