Confirmed… The Judges are Crazy

Ryan’s Note: Glorajean entered a little contest over at where you put your scrapbooking and Cricut machine cutting skills to the test and make unique projects. Once a week, they pick a winner and award a prize – a Cricut cartridge. Astonishingly, her entry lost to this, uh, “winner” –

Though I am a bit biased, I decided to post her should-have-been-a-winning entry on our own site for you to enjoy, since the judges over there apparently have no taste (and also no official rules for the contest, apparently – at least I can’t find them).

Disney Games:

Games - After

Games - Before

My daughter loves these games and has already spent a fair amount of time playing them over and over again. They work well as travel games and can keep little ones well occupied while traveling on long trips. I had the Minnie dress up game completed before out last trip to Disneyland and it helped keep my daughter happy during the long travel.

Minnie Dress Up

Minnie Dress Up

I cut Minnie out at 5 ½”, I cut out all of her coordinating pieces at the 5 ½” setting. I cut out her hair bow, dress, and shoes in white so my 3-year-old would have an easy guideline for where to place the dress-up pieces. I then continued cutting out bows, dresses and shoes in just about every color and pattern imaginable. I cut out the Minnie bubble font at 1 ¼” as well as the words dress up at 1 ¼”. I then adhered Minnie wearing white and the words Minnie dress up to a piece of blue cardstock. I laminated the page for continuous use. I also laminated all of the bows, shoes and dresses and cut them out. With white Velcro attached, Minnie can be dressed up in an assortment of outfits, for hours of fun.

Tic Tac Toe

Playing TTT

I cut out Mickey Icons for the pieces of this turn on a classic Tic Tac Toe game. I cut out 5 each of the Mickey hands in white & black layers at 2”, Mickey shorts in red, white and black layers at 2”, and Mickey head icons in yellow & black layers at 2”. I then cut out white rounded squares at 2 ½” from the George & Basic shapes cartridge to give me my basic grid. I cut out the tags at 1 ½” from the Mickey & Friends icon dog tag border (the border actually does 4 tags so I cut one off from each set). Then I cut the letters from the Mickey Font cartridge at 1 ¼” ( I cut them in the Mickey head icons and took the letters from each icon so I could get a small enough letter to fit inside the dog tags). I cut the letters out in red and yellow. Then I adhered the squares and title to a piece of black cardstock. I laminated the page and then I laminated all of the hands, shorts & head icons and cut them apart. Only two sets of icons are used at a time, I wanted the third set just to give a little more variety to the game. With white Velcro attached, this game works well at home or while traveling.

Mickey Match

Playing Match

I cut out each of the character head shadows in white- from the Mickey font cartridge- (Mickey, Pluto, Donald & Daisy cut at 3”, Goofy at 4”, and Minnie at 3 ½”). Then I cut out all the appropriate pieces of each character at the same setting as above. I then adhered the pieces of each character together. I cut out white words Mickey Match in the silhouette feature at 1 ½ ”. I adhered the white shadows and words to a piece of paper and laminated the page. Then I laminated each of the characters that had been put together. Again with white Velcro attached the game is easily played just about anywhere. I store the pieces to each game in a zip up sandwich bag to keep them together.

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