What I wanted to be when I grew up

When I was young, there was a time that I wanted to be a mailman.

What could be the more perfect job? The mailman got to drive a truck with the steering wheel on the wrong side, and go for long walks all day. Along the way he would get to meet nice people and make small talk. It didn’t seem like a job that would take much schooling. Being a government job, the mailman would get Sundays and lots of minor holidays off.

But best of all, it was a secure job.

Because when I was a boy, it seemed that nothing would ever cause a shortage of work for the mailman. People would always be writing letters, mailing bills, or receiving magazines, newspapers, or advertisements. Little did I know.

So, I considered becoming a mailman.

I learned that they could not be called a “mailman” when I met a “mailwoman.” I suppose that a “mail delivery person” would still be a fine job, though the title was not as cool.

Along the way, someone pointed out to me that mailmen have to deal with dogs, and those long walks are not so nice during the winter.

And so, I abandoned my dream of becoming a mailman.

I still grew up to become a male man. I suppose that will be close enough.

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