Fate Is Kind . . . Our First Post

After a month or so of perpetual writer’s block, it finally occurred to me that pretty much anything is better to write about than nothing. This morning, however, the true inspiration happened.

Last night we planned a real vacation; our first since our honeymoon (visits to family are always nice, but just not the same) almost 5 years ago. For a couple of months Nate and I have been tossing back and forth ideas on what to do for our upcoming anniversary and kept landing back on Disneyland as the epitome of fun for our celebration. We researched and pondered, and finally booked.

Last night we discovered what it feels like to be too excited to sleep, even though our trip is still about a month away. It has been a while since either of us have been to Disneyland, and even then we weren’t able to take in the whole experience.

Waking up late this morning, I noticed the time and tuned into the Music and the Spoken Word broadcast already in progress. It took me a minute to realize what my wondering ears were hearing . . . When You Wish Upon A Star! I quickly called Nate into the living room. Confused, he looked at me and asked if I saw my old roommate in the orchestra again. Then the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang fate is kind.

I looked at Nate and said, “Fate is kind, isn’t it? Mo-Tab wants us to go to Disneyland!”

Followed by us both cheering together “We’re going to Disneyland!”