Disneyland’s Downside

Since our return to the far flung north earlier this month, we have begun to notice negative side effects from our trip to Disneyland. I know, I know; what could possibly be the downside to visiting “The Happiest Place on Earth?” Sure, we enjoyed the rides, the shows, the lack of stress, and the great weather. But therein lies the problem: the great weather. See, since we returned, we suddenly loathed the snow, the cold weather, and the brown/white, barren landscape. We long for green. Our friends rejoice when we have a sunny, 45 degree Saturday. But 45 degrees is not warm, it’s cold! Perfect weather consists of a cool morning (about 55 or 60 degrees) followed by a mild 75 degree day and lots of sun. The plants are green and the roads and walks are dry. That’s a nice day. And we officially have Spring Fever.

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