The Price is Right; The Host is Wrong

I suppose I should give him a chance. But I just don’t like the whole idea. Let’s face it: Drew Carey is no Bob Barker. But then again, no one is. So I guess it is time to move on; press forward, and try something new and different. No, No, No! I just can’t get … Read more

Pray for Rain

I’m considering sending this to the Letter to the Editor section of the newspaper. What do you think? As you well know, in recent days fires have consumed much of our lands, the properties of many, and even taken lives of a few. My heart goes out to these fellow citizens in sympathy, and yet … Read more


I mentioned that new InsideOut CD “Sharing Time” a little while back. I’ve listened to it, and highly recommend it. In fact, I signed in to Deseret Book’s site and submitted a “review” for them (By the way, if you intend to sign up for DB’s site, they do not tell you that your user … Read more

An Odd Dream

This morning – and I’m not making this up – I had a strange little dream. I found that I was a guest judge on American Idol. I was sitting right next to Simon. It must have been the early audition rounds, and they changed the form a little so that they were holding them … Read more

Quick Thought

“God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as He always has. But He can’t if you don’t pray, and He can’t if you don’t dream. In short, He can’t if you don’t believe.” – Jeffery R. Holland (Click here to read the full article)

My experience on the message boards

Internet forums have been something I have tended to avoid in life. I had little exposure to them until about year ago, when I was made an administrator for one at work. The forum was established for about 160 customers who were beta testing our newest software product. Of those, about 10 or so were … Read more

Traffic and Cold Medicine Together on the Nines

When the traffic-reporter-lady took too much cold medicine, well, things got a little bit different on FM 100. (In case you think it a fake, the Deseret News reported that this was an actual traffic report that did go over the air) Click here to listen to the audio clip (about 15 seconds)

Boy, we sure showed them!

“Boy, we sure showed them!” I was thinking that to myself as I pumped some more liquid-gold into my tank. That “Buy No Gas Boycott Day” thing really brought the pump prices down a ton. So thank so everyone who participated in the “Don’t Purchase Gas And Really Stick it To ‘Em!” Day yesterday. Or … Read more

New CD

Insasmuch as everyone is looking to this site for breaking entertainment news, I’ve just learned that InsideOut is pleased to announce that their sixth CD, Sharing Time, will be hitting store shelves soon (beginning May 29th)! For information, or to preorder the CD, go to their website: They have some really good, creative stuff. … Read more