It’s All Greek to Me: Changing the language setting on iOS 6

We have an old iPod Touch that the kids like to use. When the youngest gets hold of it, you never know what might happen. Most recently, we found the language setting had been changed from English to Chinese. Being unable to speak Chinese, we struggled to navigate the menus to change it back to our more … Read moreIt’s All Greek to Me: Changing the language setting on iOS 6

Reset your Disney Electronic Melody Maker game to “Demo” mode

Once upon a time, I was given an extra copy of the Disney Wonderful World of Music Electronic Melody Maker game. With this extra copy, an ingenious family member helped us to rewire our doorbell into the demo button, so that every time the doorbell is pushed, a different Disney song plays. The problem we faced … Read moreReset your Disney Electronic Melody Maker game to “Demo” mode

And They Remembered His Words

I’d like to discuss a short piece of advice. Something that we all can learn from. St. Luke, chapter 24, verse 8, reads in its entirety: “And they remembered his words.” In the verses before this, “they” were described as “perplexed thereabout” and “afraid.” They were certainly grief-stricken too at the sudden change in their … Read moreAnd They Remembered His Words

Pet Peeve: Someone Should…

In my Facebook feed, I follow several restaurants and businesses. Almost always, when one posts something, comments follow saying, “You should open a Sticky Fingers in my city!” “You need another Wingers on the North / East / South / West side of such-a-town” “I really miss Target since I moved and wish there was one … Read morePet Peeve: Someone Should…

A Cause of Much Sorrow

This week in the news  President Obama has been participating in the “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism,” and the threat of terrorists extremist fighting in the name of Islam. He made a point that “if we are going to effectively isolate terrorists, if we’re going to address the challenge of their efforts to recruit our … Read moreA Cause of Much Sorrow