The Maine Problem

Poor Tom Golisano. I read his story in the national news a few days ago. Tom purchased a vacation home in Maine, and now he claims that he cannot enjoy it because his Canadian neighbors are making life miserable for himself and his family. When he is not there, they hang out on his lawn. They … Read more

Ye Simple Souls Who Stray – Wine, Oil, Refreshment

The headline intrigued me: Rising Utah liquor sales fueled by more non-Mormons, tourism How naïve I have been! To think that all this time, I believed that the Mormons were the ones buying up the booze! I must continue reading! In Mormon dominated Utah where alcohol is frowned upon, liquor sales keep climbing each year. … Read more

Five Dollar Date

What exactly is the big deal? In Adult Roles and Financial Literacy class at Highland High School in Salt Lake City, the teacher handed out an assignment. The boys received a blue paper, while the girls received a pink paper. Maybe the color of the paper offended people? The instructions began, “Your assignment is to go … Read more

My Observations While Voting

While waiting in line to vote yesterday, I made some observations. I had plenty of time to observe. You see, the process took a full hour. I measured it from the time I walked into the school to the time I exited the school. My first observation… There were plenty of machines. In fact, from … Read more


I was driving down the main business district of my city yesterday. It was noontime, and it was snowing softly. My eyes were drawn to the sidewalk, where standing outside of a tax preparer’s office was someone dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Ol’ Lady Liberty was holding a sign, promoting the tax preparation services … Read more