Southern Hospitality

Hey, how are ya’ll do’in? It is a downright pleasure to visit with you today. I’m speaking from Greenville, South Carolina. My work has given me an opportunity to visit down south. The right friendly folks in South Carolina have welcomed me here, from my first steps off the airplane they have been gracious. I’m … Read more

Taken to the Cleaners

Following is an actual letter I sent to my local dry cleaners. It happened a couple years ago, but I ran across this saved file on my hard drive and thought it was a good “customer service” story to retell. I’ve wondered since then, what ever happened to it? Did some employee receive it, read … Read more

Disney Character Warehouse and The Disney Store

Disney Character Warehouse and The Disney Store Two separate topics today – first, the Disney Character Warehouse A company by the name of AMS Liquidation runs some outlet stores under the name Disney Character Warehouse. I’ve mentioned them in the Beardall’s Guide to the Disneyland Resort (see pages link), but not in great detail. The … Read more