A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Office…

This evening (around 9:30 pm), Glorajean needed to pick up a few papers at her office. So we drove by together for her to stop in.

Our conversation as we approached was about the increase of traffic in the area, especially since the bank next door, with whom they share a drive way (the bank uses it for an exit while the accounting firm uses it for an entrance).

We entered the driveway to see a minivan parked in the front “visitor parking” area.

Change you can enjoy

Wondering what to do with that “change” that President-Elect Obama is promising us? I’ve found an excellent place to spend it. Go to the Provo Movies 8 (2424 N University Pkwy, Provo UT). Walk in the entrance, and make a right turn into the arcade. Next, plug a quarter into the Ms. Pac-Man game. Now, … Read more

Those Flashing Red Lights

The law has caught up with me. My jig is up. I have a record now. All these years, I’ve worked to keep my public reputation looking good. Appearances are deceiving. One day, you live high on the hog. Then with one misstep, you find you’re that much closer to facing a grand jury. Of … Read more